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Hello, I am Lacey Chantel Keenan, named after the famous song by B.J. Thomas, Chantilly Lace, and I am a gritty writer who believes in the power of story. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

Photo by Lacey Keenan © 2016
Photo by Lacey Keenan © 2016

Five years ago, I lived on a secluded patch of land deep in the woods of the Ozark Mountains and worked on my writing.


My imagination ran wild as I wrote fiction and studied writing for entertainment, but in many ways, I withdrew from society.

Upon graduation, the outside world began calling me from the hillside cabin to write stories about real people dealing with crimes, severe weather, raising children and pets, looking for ways to improve their local communities, and dealing with events that could change their lives.

Content You Can Count On

  • Natural State News – Stories on events, places, and people from rural areas to the major cities all across Arkansas.
  • Nature Quest – Exploration of natural resources, ways to conserve energy, environmental issues, herbs, plants, and wildlife in the Ozark region.
  • Inspiration Station – A healthy dose of stories, videos, and interviews with people who inspire and motivate us to live at our best.
  • Line Factor – Resource guide for those living below the poverty threshold with suggestions on how to help.
  • Stand Band – Information about domestic violence, child abuse, and homelessness in the U.S. complete with helpful resources for those in need of aid.

I took a giant step and moved to a paved street this year, which is useful when you realize my old road was pure dirt that went up and over a creek bed for about a mile to the closest neighbor.

Fawn Bluff Road
Photo by Lacey Keenan © 2016
Tough Road to Travel
Photo by Lacey Keenan © 2016

Fawn Bluff Road  




Now it is time to travel a new road. My plans are to navigate the state of Arkansas and write, with my photographer friend, Donna Davis, as we discover new places, people, cultures, and lifestyles. Come with me over the next year as I search out the stories that you want to know.

Photo by Donna Willcutt Davis
Photo by Donna Willcutt Davis ©2016

Find the comments section to let me see what you think is important because I am always learning more.

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