The Jonathan Tedford Band, the Music, and the Man

Jonathan Tedford, along with three other musicians are an Arkansas based group who started out with the idea of becoming a red-dirt, country band, but say their guitars are a little too loud and their drummer plays a little heavy, so they ended up being a southern rock band.

Jonathan Tedford is a country singer and he always has been, but now he’s paired up with a rock band, kind of Whiskey Myers, Cadillac Three, red dirt, southern rock, band appropriately named, The Jonathan Tedford Band. The group consists of the bass player Taylor Victory, drummer Keith Robison, lead guitarist Baylee Moore, and Jonathan Tedford the lead singer who also plays rhythm guitar.

What’s Ahead For the Band

The band is coming out with an EP they are recording at Red Brick Studio in Hector, Ar. The Extended Play has six songs all written by Jonathan Tedford and will be released this fall. He began writing music after high-school when a  break-up flipped switch of emotion and he began to treat the lyrics as a personal diary, writing everything he was feeling and putting that raw emotion into the music he composed.

On the upcoming EP one of the songs that will be released entitled, “To You” was written by Tedford when he imagined what it might be like if he lost his family because he spent so much time on the road. It was borne out of pure emotion and creative thinking, but not because it was a real situation. Chorus: “You are my North star, my last chance, you’re like falling in love at a first glance, no matter what I do, I hope it takes me to you.” Tedford credits his wife, Brooke as his biggest support. 

The band has enough material to record a full-length album but intends to release the EP this fall. The group’s goal is to do what they all love and be able to play full-time. Each member of the Jonathan Tedford band is just as passionate about the end goal as the lead singer.

  Jonathan Tedford playing HectorFest 2017 at Cecil Riley Memorial Park. Photo by Lacey Keenan © 2017.

The band has been together for a short time a little less than a year, but say that if you joined them for dinner, you would think they have all known one another for twenty years. They feel like a band of brothers as they fight and argue then come together supporting each other as a cohesive unit.

The Music

Tedford says, “First and foremost I love writing music and showcasing it to people and seeing the reactions of the crowd. Watching them feel the feelings I am expressing in my songs. I want my music to move you. Whether it’s something we cover or something that is an original piece. I love to watch the whole mood of the entire venue change just from the music I’m playing. And let’s be honest, it never hurts to play for a rowdy crowd that dances and cheers and sings along to the songs while you play. I love crowd interaction in its entirety.”

Jonathan played acoustic in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and anywhere that would let him play for tips or a benefit for a good cause. Keith Robinson and Tedford have been the pioneers of the band’s formation. Robinson introduced Taylor Victory, and Baylee Moore into the group.

Never Afraid to Show Up For a Good Cause

Proud to help benefits and non-profits raise money for good causes, the musicians have played for many charity events. Relay for Life, Special Olympics, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and the Hector Scholarship Foundation, are among those charities. Tedford says, “Any benefit that is going to help kids or benefit someone trying to do good things for the community is worth us coming out and putting on a good show. All the members of our band are on the same page with those ideas. I got pretty lucky to find this group of stand-up guys.”

Chris Stapleton, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Eric Church, Cadillac Three, and Whiskey Meyers are the influences heard in Tedford’s music. There is no doubt that Tedford has come a long way from being the guy, at the campfire, with a guitar who people kept asking to hear more of his music.

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Tedford.

Connect with the band on social media at Jonathan Tedford Music on Facebook, Instagram, and tedford007 on Snapchat.

Check out The Jonathan Tedford Band live at the following locations:

The Recovery Room In Fort Smith, AR. on Sept. 1, 2017.

Front Street Grill in Dardanelle, AR. on Sept. 9, 2017

Jose’s Supper Club in Morrilton, AR. on Oct. 7, 2017

Halloween Party at the Rockin Rooster in Paris, AR. on Oct. 28, 2017

New Year’s Eve Party at the Rockin Rooster in Paris, AR. on Dec. 28, 2017

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